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About Me

Harriet Milne

Your friendly, motivating personal trainer

As a professional Personal Trainer and working mum myself I totally understand how intense and time consuming the demands of work, business, travel, family, and children can be. My passion is helping busy people prioritise fitness in their lives and reach their body and exercise goals without letting any of those other important areas of your life suffer. 

My method is to build a totally personalised plan based on your health, schedule and fitness or body shaping goals. Following a three-pronged approach targeting diet, exercise and mindset, I aim to help you transform your body and influence you to make more positive health decisions.  
My goal is to get you looking and feeling great whatever time you have and wherever you have to exercise.

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What I Do

Choose your Priorities

As a fully qualified Level 3 & 4 Personal Trainer and Advanced Nutrition Advisor, I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles. Choose from a wide array of existing training options or design your own. If you can’t find the service you’re looking for, contact me today.

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Personal Priorities

Bespoke Personal Training for Everyone

As individual as you are. A completely bespoke programme balancing fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching to get you the results you want, when you want them. Not sure what you need? Then this is the place to design your very own service. Book a consultation today and we can develop the perfect plan together!

Wedding Priorities

Getting you ready for your big day and beyond

A unique program tailored to suit the multiple demands of looking great for your hen party, dress fittings, wedding day fitness, honeymoon and beyond. Includes 2 group fitness sessions with your hens, partner or family members. Options to train alone or choose a buddy to join you on your transformation journey; mother of bride, maid of honour, future partner or just the most motivating friend you know.

Take the worry out of looking awesome so you can crack on with just being awesome. Book a programme today.

Wedding Day
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Mummy Priorities

Superwoman; Supermum

Whether it’s losing weight post-baby, managing weight gain throughout pregnancy or getting yourself in tip top shape to get pregnant this programme will safely guide you through the dieting and exercise dos and don’ts so that you can feel secure in the knowledge that you’re taking care of yourself while you crack on being superwoman for everyone else. Also perfect for those looking to exercise with small children or babies in holidays. Keeping fitness flexible and fun for the whole family if they’re willing to join in! Invest in yourself today and book a session to see how easy it can be for you.

Strong Priorities

Train like a beast; look like a beauty

Hate cardio? Love the amazing sculpting powers of weight lifting Weight loss alone will not create the body shape that most people are after. This programme combines body sculpting with nutrition advice to boost your metabolism, build muscle mass, strip fat and making you strong and powerful. No jogging required! Ideal for people who enjoy seeing fast results, like to challenge themselves and want to carry every shopping bag in from the car in one go without batting an eyelid! Make a strong decision and book a consultation today.

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Movement Priorities

Strength, Flexibility and Mobility

Great for people looking to manage stress or recovering from injury. This programme focuses on Pilates and yoga movements, to improve posture, flatten your stomach, relieve back pain and increase your mobility to improve your performance in other training or just make your healthier, fitter and stronger in everyday life. One to one coaching is a great way to get started and without doubt the safest and most effective way to ensure you have correct technique and alignment for your body type. Within a few weeks you'll feel more toned and relaxed and can step up the challenge to include greater work on strength building, weight loss or energising fitness. Find out how it could help you with a taster session today.

Nutrition Priorities

Be Smart. Eat Smart.

Nutrition coaching as a stand-alone package to boost your weight loss efforts, improve energy levels or sporting performance. Nutrition coaching is included in all packages at differing levels, but this programme takes a deep dive into the best way to eat for your body type, size, shape, budget, lifestyle and personal tastes. Cut through the confusion of popular diets and find out what actually makes your individual body function at its best. As you get leaner or gain muscle you'll have a different body and, therefore, different nutrition requirements on your transformation journey. We also look at strategies to overcome life's obstacles so that despite demanding jobs or busy parent schedules you're prepared to succeed.

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Jocelyn Best

Harriet is literally the most caring and motivating trainer. (And is not afraid to push you down a hill!!) She has been there to motivate me when I'm bouncing around and ready to go and even when I've been lying on the floor with no energy. I would completely recommend her, without hesitation.

Jon Holman

Priorities Fitness “Amazing”
I am a very private and reserved man but I have a chance to tell you about Priorities Fitness. Two years ago, I was a 50 year old, 20 stone man with a ruptured disc in my back and miserable. My wife introduced me to Personal Trainer, Harriet Milne, and I have not looked back since. I now weigh 13 stone have a healthy BMI and just completed my first, but not last half marathon. 
What can Priorities do for you? WOW! 
Pilates, food coaching, diet plans, training plans and body sculpting. 
I get a different training session every week based on what I want, with Harriet putting her own unique spin on it. 
If you want to change your life and have fun doing it give “Priorities Fitness” a call. Trust me you will never regret it. I am on an amazing journey thanks to the most caring, friendly PT you will ever meet.

Beverley Aspinal

Harriet is a strong, enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable PT who also has such a bubbly personality that rubs off on you even on the bad days keeping you motivated and helping to reach your goals, I would definitely recommend you try Priorities Fitness and Harriet whatever your age/weight or fitness level

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