• Harriet Milne

Work Smarter; Not Harder

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Not enough hours in the day!!!

If that is your battle cry (Hello me!) then take a moment to think about how you can work SMARTER not harder in your day.

You can do this with your workouts (Hello HIIT!) or with your to do list.

I struggle to focus on activities which require me to sit down and stay still. I immediately start to see other things that need doing more urgently so today I tried this and it worked:

I set a timer for 15 minutes and gave myself 1 task to complete in that time. I then set another 15 minutes for a second task and a third 15 minutes for a 3rd task. Because I was racing the clock I was focused and undistracted. After 45 minutes I got up to move. Maybe you could do 20-30 minute blocks but baby steps for me first; feet starting to twitch already!!

Let me know what tips work for you. Have a great day x

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